yo, so.

hello. i'm very shy.

request some art, won't you? i've got plenty of time and no ideas.

grizzlyclaires said:

there are a lot of people who draw rvb characters differently than i pictured them. you are not one of them. i love you.

ahaha. well. I’m glad! It was fun to figure their faces out. I love seeing other people’s headcanon’s though. What people can come up with based on a voice and a few details is amazing.

(Honestly most of the time i can’t picture them without helmets. Makes fanfiction pretty interesting.)

"If we ever do we just keep that in the catalog for something that we are going to get to eventually. There are always holes, right? for lotsa characters— heh— especially Donut. (Thank you.)
No, the biggest one like is gaps in time— Tucker’s a big one. Tucker disappeared in season 5 and he reappeared at the end of season 7, but he had this whole adventure that he went off with Junior; and this whole thing with Junior as the, y’know, child of prophecy and what happened there.
So we eventually have to get around to telling that one. That’s one that we kind of already have everything written out for, and there’s a lot of fun stuff with Tucker as a hero— ‘cause he came back as kind of a badass; he was actually a good soldier, and how did that happen?"

-- Burnie Burns 2012; “Are there any story lines from Red vs Blue that you really wanted to explore but couldn’t?" (x)

floatingaroundspace tagged me. so here goes.

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i don’t actually have money.

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man i wanna draw.

i only wanna draw rvb though.

i wanna draw all of luna’s rvb prompts. ‘~’

but i probably won’t ‘cause i suck.

i just want you all to know how restless i feel when i go a long time without posting anything.

hnng sometimes i just feel disappointed in myself for not drawing fanart of everything i’ve ever loved.